All resources are separated between organisations. And within the same organisation, the resources are shared and visible to all members.

For example, the projects are available to all members of the organisation, and anyone can start a workspace from it, and they can access the code in the project repo, even if they didn’t have permission to the original repository. So if you’d like different users to have different access to projects, you’ll need to put them into different organisations.

Organisation creation

A new organisation can be easily created from the organisation dropdown.

Organisation Invitation

If you want to invite new members to your organisation, you can create an invitation on the members page under Organisation -> Members:

Users can use this invitation link to join this organisation and the url expires in 30 minutes.

Organisation Members

After the user joins the organisation, you can view them on the members page. Then you can change their role in the organisation.

Only admins can change organisation settings.

Organisation Settings

In organisation settings, you can update the name of the organisation, or delete the organisation.

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