Enterprise License

We offer 30 days free trial of Lapdev Enterprise License for new customers. You can contact us or send us an email to help@lap.dev to get a trial Lapdev Enterprise License.

Lapdev Enterprise features are mainly around better utilising compute resources, putting some limitations to user usage of these resources, and some advanced use cases like global deployment.

For example, Cpu Overcommit enables workspaces to share CPU cores to save compute costs. Auto Start Stop will automatically stop workspaces that are not having activity for a certain timeout, and automatically start workspaces when there is an authenticated connection. Quota Control lets you limit the usage a user can spend or the number of workspaces they can create or run at the same time. Audit Logs give you visibility of all the actions that users have done. Global Deployment makes sure all users can have minimal latency to their workspaces if your development team are across the globe.

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