Global Deployment

If you’ve got developers all over the world, they’d need to be able to create workspaces in a DC that’s closest to them to have the lowest latency.

Region Settings

When you need it, you can configure the region and zone settings on the workspace hosts. A region is effectively a geographic place which consists of multiple zones. Then when you create a new workspace, the controller will only find an available workspace host in the same region that the workspace will be created on.

You can update the region and zone settings under Cluster Admin -> Workspace Hosts

You'll also want to set the hostname for different regions so that Lapdev can provide the correct connection information for workspaces.

Lapdev Controller

The region setting is only needed for workspace hosts. Lapdev controller will automatically decide which region it belongs to by checking its latencies to the workspace hosts in different regions, and picking the region with the lowest latency.

When a workspace creation hits the Lapdev controller, it will only find available workspace hosts that belong to the same region, to make sure the workspace is created in the region that's closest to the developer.

Lapdev Dashboard

When a user visits the Lapdev Dashboard, it will check the latency to all the regions, by requesting /api/v1/ping for each region hostname. All subsequent API requests will be sent to that region to make sure the end user creates workspaces in the region that's closest to them.

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